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ADM Odontobleach Sodium Perborate 25g

Product Code: 90122

Odontobleach is a sodium perborate based endodontic bleach. Suitable for internal bleaching of stained teeth. Odontobleach is mixed with water in a...

Brand: ADM

$27.50(inc GST)

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ADM Odontocem

Product Code: (90106 / 90107)

"Odontocem Powder is designed and manufactured in Australia. Odontocem is the first calcium silicate-based cement to successfully incorporate a...

Brand: ADM

ADM Odontocide 8g

Product Code: 90111

"Odontocide is ADM's first generation patented endodontic dressing which incorporates a non-specific COX inhibitor. Odontocide contains 20% calcium...

Brand: ADM

$76.23(inc GST)

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ADM Odontopaste 8g

Product Code: 90100

"Odontopaste is a zinc oxide-based root canal paste with 5% clindamycin hydrochloride and 1% triamcinolone acetonide. It was designed and developed...

Brand: ADM

$111.98(inc GST)

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ADM Odontoprep 15g

Product Code: 90104

"Odontoprep is a lubricant for endodontic files and was designed to be used in conjunction with Odontopaste. It is formulated in such a way that it...

Brand: ADM

$38.28(inc GST)

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Dentalife Endosure Prep Cream 15% 20g

Product Code: 711698

Endosure Prep Cream 15% is for use in endodontic procedures.

Brand: Dentalife

$46.53(inc GST)

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Pulpdent Paste 3ml

Product Code: 8791880

"Pulpdent is the original non-setting, pre-mixed Calcium Hydroxide Paste for root canal therapy and vital pulp therapy."

Brand: Pulpdent

$51.26(inc GST)

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