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ADM Endofoam

Product Code: (90108 / 90109)

Endofoam S and Endofoam SA are cubic type foam pieces suitable for the storing and cleaning of files during endodontic procedures. Endofoam SA is...

Brand: ADM

ADM Endofoam C

Product Code: 901023

Endofoam C is suitable for the Odontostand as illustrated. It neatly fits within the cap and provides a clean area for the storage of files during...

Brand: ADM

$22.99(inc GST)

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ADM Endofoam PVP

Product Code: 90110

"ADM's Endofoam PVP is the very latest in file cleaning foam technology and involves a patented foam construction which cleans files like no...

Brand: ADM

$45.76(inc GST)

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ADM Endofoam Triangle

Product Code: (90102 / 90103)

"Endofoam T1 and T2 are suitable for dentists who use ADM's OdontoRing or any other endondontic ring on the market. They are available in packs...

Brand: ADM

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