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Manufacturer Cavex
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Bite and White ABC Master Kit

Whitening System

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Cavex has developed the unique ABC-Whitening System, where AB&C stand for ‘Activate’, ‘Brighten’ and ‘Condition’. Following these steps guarantees an effective, safe and above all painless whitening treatment. Activate: Cavex Bite&White StainLess is a refreshing pre-whitening toothpaste that helps remove surface stains and plaque allowing the whitening product to be in direct contact with the enamel surface. Cavex Bite&White StainLess also creates the perfect whitening environment by safely increasing the pH to the optimum level. Brighten: Cavex Bite&White 16% carbamide peroxide (equal to 6% hydrogen peroxide) whitening gel is safe and effective which requires only 30-60 minute treatments. The gels perfect viscosity only flows under pressure without threads or mess. The addition of sodium fluoride helps to reinforce the enamel while potassium nitrate helps avoid sensitivity. Condition: Cavex Bite&White ExSense is a revolutionary post-whitening conditioner that offers fast and long-lasting relief from sensitive teeth thanks to the blend of hydroxyapatite and a ‘hydro-dispersing clay.’ With the synergetic composition of Cavex Bite&White ExSense, the hydroxyapatite penetrates deep into the tubules and micro-cracks in the enamel, sealing off areas which may cause sensitivity helping restore micro-hardness and accelerates the re-mineralization process. Contains: 3 x 3ml Cavex Bite&White syringe 1 x Cavex Bite&White StainLess 1 x Cavex Bite&White ExSense 1 x Retainer case 1 x Shade guide and instructions


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