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Microcopy BiteChek

Articlating Paper

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Bite-Chek accurately marks the points of contact, minimizing the possibility of too high an occlusion and possible post-operative tooth sensitivity. Contrary to many thicker paper options on the market today, our films thin profile helps patients close their bite completely, eliminating mandibular reflexes that can skew the occlusion. The result is a small, accurate mark that makes adjustment easy to interpret. Bite-Chek with its easy-grip handle is the ideal tool for precise occlusal adjustments. Thin film marks high points accurately works best on a dry surface. Stretches without snap back or tearing to prevent false marks. Marks all surfaces: enamel, metal, non-metal restorations, and plastic. Marks both arches at once with its double-sided film.


  • Microcopy


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