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Jetpik JP210 Solo

Power Flossing System

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JETPIK is unique in that it pulses at a rate of 20 cycles per second, sending a jet of water, air bubbles and floss string onto the tooth surface and interdentally. The “go with water” design means that the floss string moves in all directions getting around, between and behind braces.

  • Smart Floss, physical floss to provide outstanding interdental cleaning. Far superior to just water alone.
  • Kristal Nozzle, this one nozzle cleans between and deep, removes bacteria while providing a therapeutic gum massage.
  • Interdental by targeting hard to reach areas even around braces, between dental implants and even dental crowns.
  • Rechargeable, NO mains required for use. Recharge from any socket, mains or shaver.
  • 4 stage battery charge indicator
  • 2 speed toothbrush
  • Recommended brush time indicator (unit will pause when 2 minutes brushing reached)
  • All items including a tongue cleaner are packed into the newly designed case. The case itself is inverted and used as the water holder when flossing.
  • Contains: JP210 Power Handle, 1 x Jetpik Power Nozzle, 1 x Power Toothbrush Head, 2 x Floss Cartridges, Water Tube & Clip
    Dual Water Cup / Travel Lid, Tongue Cleaner, Travel Kit Case, USB AC Adapter, Instruction Manual 


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