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Bleedsolv Haemostatic Sterile Dental Gauze 1.9cm x 1.9cm

Product Code: 225800

"BleedSolv haemostatic gauze is a collagen-like natural substance created from chemically treated cellulose. The material contains no chemicals, no...

Brand: Bleedsolv

$70.84(inc GST)


Ethicon Spongostan Dental 10x10x10mm 24S

Product Code: 101002

Absorbable haemostatic gelatin sponge (STERILE). Water-insoluble & malleable. Apply to bleeding surface.

Brand: J&J

$167.75(inc GST)


Ethicon Surgicel Fibrillar 2.5cm x 5.1cm

Product Code: 101003

39% faster haemostasis compared to Surgicel. Original Haemostat. Visualise and work onbleeding site through minimal layers. Fibril material...

Brand: J&J

$799.59(inc GST)


Ethicon Surgicel Haemostat

Product Code: (101004 / 101005)

Unique ORC-fibril technology delivers fast haemostasis. Sheer weave allows visibility of bleeding site. Flexible texture conforms to irregular...

Brand: J&J

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