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Ongard Cavitemp Temporary Filling White 28g

Product Code: 142320

Ongard Cavitemp is a temporary cavity filling material. It is a single paste system that is radiopaque. It sets in contact with moisture and has...

Brand: Ongard

$21.56(inc GST)


Parkell ETC Temporary Cement

Product Code: 8750330

"Resin-based dual-cure E.T.C. is reliably strong and incredibly simple. All youhave to do is express E.T.C. from the automix syringe right into the...

Brand: Parkell

$75.35(inc GST)


Parkell SmarTemp C&B

Product Code: (8750327 / 8750328 / 8750329)

"Whether your technique works best with the Original formula or the Dual Cure formula, provisionals made with SmarTemp are sure to be esthetic,...

Brand: Parkell

Parkell SmarTemp Temporary C&B Dual Cure A2

Product Code: 8750364

"SmarTemp Dual Cure creates durable, aesthetic, non-brittle provisional restorations. The viscosity is easy to work with and there is even a...

Brand: Parkell

$128.59(inc GST)


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