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3M Clinpro 5000 Vanilla Mint 113g

Product Code: 333014

PHARMACIST ONLY MEDICINE Patients who are at high risk for caries are in need of preventive treatment, however, patient...

Brand: 3M

$16.39(inc GST)


3M Clinpro Sealant

Product Code: (333007 / 333008 / 333009 / 333010)

"Unique colour change technology making it easier to apply. Verify light cured, low viscosity resin-pit and fissure sealant for easy flow direct...

Brand: 3M

Oral7 Moisturising Mouth Gel 40ml

Product Code: 704013

For Dry Mouth sufferers natural enzymes in Oral7 help reinforce the functions of healthy saliva7 hours relief helps to enable uninterrupted...

Brand: Oral7

$14.52(inc GST)


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