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CareDent Junior Toothbrush Soft

Product Code: 2048

"Classic designed toothbrush. A small compact head reaching those hard to reaches places in the mouth. Each brush comes with quality soft DuPont...

Brand: Caredent

$95.04(inc GST)


CareDent Junior Toothbrush Soft Personalised

Product Code: C2244

Fully Personalised Junior Toothbrush

Brand: Caredent

$1.45(inc GST)

Minimum Order: 144

CareDent Kids Sparkle Timer

Product Code: 5365

"Cool, colourful, fun childrens toothbrush timer encourages kids to brush for 2 minutes. Supplied in a bag of 6 mixed colours. Excellent giveaway."

Brand: Caredent

$26.40(inc GST)


CareDent Octopus Kids Toothbrush Professional

Product Code: 5350

"Cool and quirky toothbrush for kids. Design with fun in mind, encouraging kids to brush. Available in 4 great colours for boys and girls. CareDent...

Brand: Caredent

$68.64(inc GST)


CareDent Sparkle Kids Toothbrush with Timer

Product Code: 5360

Colourful classic. A well designed toothbrush kids will love. Available in 6 vibrant colours perfect for boys and girls. Compact head with soft...

Brand: Caredent

$10.56(inc GST)


CareDent Starlite Kids Toothbrush

Product Code: 1030

The Starlite Toothbrush makes brushing fun and supports Starlight Children's Foundation.    ...

Brand: Caredent

$12.87(inc GST)


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