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Bite Registration

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Cavex SiliconA Bite 2 x 50ml

Product Code: 313051

Working time: 30sec. Setting time: 30sec. Shore D 40 hardness. Highly thixotropic Scannable material for CAD/CAM Lavender colour. Contains 12...

Brand: Cavex

$129.03(inc GST)


Kulzer Flexitime Bite Cartridge Refill 2X50ml

Product Code: 300048

"Flexitime Bite is a scannable bite registration material that is suitable for both universal bite registration and also for powder-free optical...

Brand: Kulzer

$103.51(inc GST)


Kulzer Memoreg 2 X 50ml

Product Code: 300088

"MEMOREG 2 is a highly filled, pink-coloured A silicone for all standard bite registration that can be applied easily and directly in the mouth. It...

Brand: Kulzer

$110.99(inc GST)


Kulzer Memosil 2

Product Code: 300089

"MEMOSIL 2 is a transparent A-silicone for special indications. Its transparency allows optical control when positioning aids (e. g. X-ray...

Brand: Kulzer

$106.59(inc GST)


Parkell Blu-Mousse Bite Registration

Product Code: (8750310 / 8750311)

Features: Exceptional accuracy Plaster-like hardness (90 durometer) Dependable, fluffy, no-slump...

Brand: Parkell

Parkell Green-Mousse S455S 2x50ml

Product Code: 8750396

Exceptional accuracy Slightly less rigid (60 durometer) Create impressions that will easily and accurately scan when...

Brand: Parkell

$101.97(inc GST)


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