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Cavex Alginate Storage Container

Product Code: 240

Features:The Cavex Alginate Container holds 1kg of alginate.Made from heavy duty plastic and features a spring loaded lid.The rubber diaphragm...

Brand: Cavex

$80.52(inc GST)


Cavex Alginate Water Dosing Bottle

Product Code: 313032

The Cavex Water Dosing Bottle allows you to achieve an accurate water dosage each time by simply squeezing the bottle.

Brand: Cavex

$29.81(inc GST)


Cavex Bowl Alginate Mixing

Product Code: 234064

"Flexible alginate mixing bowl which helps to obtain a smooth, homgeneous mixture, which is necessary for a good impression."

Brand: Cavex

$12.87(inc GST)


Cavex Spatula Alginate Mixing

Product Code: 234072

"Rigid mixing spatula. The best combination is a flexible mixing bowl with a rigid spatula. It is easy to ensure that all of the powder is absorbed...

Brand: Cavex

$7.48(inc GST)


Denta Tres Tray Cleaner 1 litre

Product Code: 999034

Ideal for impression trays, spatulas and other instruments and can be used in Ultrasonic Machines. It's safe for all plastics and non oxidizing...

Brand: Germiphene

$51.15(inc GST)


Kulzer Dispensing Gun 1:1/2:1

Product Code: 300077

Dispensing Gun is used to dispense Flexitime and Memosil impression material in 50 ml cartridge with a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio.

Brand: Kulzer

$211.31(inc GST)


Kulzer Flow Canules 5 X 20 PCS

Product Code: 300079

Canules for for flowable composite

Brand: Kulzer

$111.87(inc GST)


Kulzer Universal Silicone Adhesive 10ml

Product Code: 300087

Universal Silicone Tray Adhesive 10 ml BottleUniversal Silicone Adhesive from Heraeus is designed for use with all Heraeus A- and C- silicone...

Brand: Kulzer

$37.84(inc GST)


Ongard Bowl Resin-Mix Silicon

Product Code: (719000 / 719001 / 719002 / 719003)

Ongard Resin Mixing Bowls are made from high quality silicone.

Brand: Ongard

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