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Ansell Gloves STERILE Latex Gammex PF 8.5

Product Code: 149023

Gammex PF latex surgical gloves provide excellent donning and comfort through the use of a hydrophilic/hydrophobic polymer lining allowing for both...

Brand: Ansell

$141.46(inc GST)

Low Stock


Everyday Essentials Latex Gloves

Product Code: (990380 / 990381 / 990382 / 990384)

Everyday Essentials latex gloves are economically priced. Powder free soft gloves with comfortable fit.The textured fingers provide a sensitive...

Brand: Everyday Essentials

Ongard Aloecare Latex Gloves

Product Code: (711452 / 711453 / 711454 / 711455 / 711456)

**10 BOXES PER CARTON** "It is well recognised that aloe vera with its natural anti-inflammatory agents moisturises and repairs your skin. It helps...

Brand: Ongard

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