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EQ-V System -The best choice for continuous wave obturation

The new EQ-V system by META BIOMED for the most reliable, convenient and precise root canal obturation. The EQ-V has extended battery life, ergonomic design for comfortable operation, excellent tactile-feeling trigger for smooth and easy filling. Simple use and outstanding performance.

EthOss - True Bone Regeneration

The human body is amazing and wants to heal. EthOss® has been developed to work with it by using fully biocompatible materials to help true host bone regeneration. It is a fully synthetic material, with no human or animal components, that quickly converts to bone with human biopsies typically showing 50% novo-bone at 12 weeks. EthOss® is completely absorbed and replaced by new host bone over the course of treatment.

Parkell Dryz Hemostatic Retraction Paste

Create a dry working environment every time! Dryz™ is fast-acting in stopping gingival bleeding and see page from crevicular fluid that may interfere with impression making. The light green color of Dryz™ contrasts nicely with gingiva, blood and tooth structure, making it easy to detect where the material has been placed. Dryz™ is quickly removed with an air/water syringe and leaves no residue to interfere with impressions or seating of restorations.

CareDent Kids Oral Care Kits

These cute animal kits contain everything you need to keep teeth happy and healthy, bringing a bright smile to every child's face. Available in pink and blue these kits contain: 1 x kids soft mint toothpaste 24g, 1 x 2 minute timer, 1 x Junior sparkle toothbrush and 1 x PerioTape Mini 4m