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Since its inception in 1970, Microcopy has been at the forefront in the design and development of diamond and carbide burs for the dental industry. Our NeoDiamond product line—America’s #1 selling diamond—is among the most respected in the dental marketplace. Our team of engineers, marketers and production experts design, package and perform complete product inspections following our ISO-certified quality management system. Because we are a full-service solution for our customers, we are able to provide unparalleled support complete with a 100% performance guarantee.

Microcopy began with a father and son who had a dream to start a business together in Southern, CA. Thom Maass Jr. and his father, Thom Maass Sr. got their start with the purchase of a patent and the introduction of the world’s premier rapid dental x-ray solution. In fact, this is how Microcopy got its decidedly “non-dental” name. Thom and Thom Sr. originally purchased patents for both the x-ray solution and for a process to copy engineering drawings, hence, Microcopy. These products, INSTA-NEG® and INSTA-FIX®, brought not only amazing speed, but also a high level of diagnostic quality that equaled the conventional, slow processing film chemistry in use at the time.

Shortly thereafter, the duo were able to add a few key employees and Thom Jr’s wife Martha joined the company as Corporate Secretary and Office Manager. Soon after, additional X-ray related products were introduced including Microcopy’s own patented INSTA-VELOPER® Portable Darkroom for chairside processing in seconds. The company also introduced FLAPS® Cushioned Bite Tabs – soft foam film positioning tabs and TROLLMOUNTS® – a superior film mounting system. At this point Microcopy had carved out a nice niche business within the dental X-ray field and the future looked quite promising.

But with the growth came the need for more space and resources. Microcopy left their undersized factory in Newbury Park, California and opened a brand new facility in Kennesaw, Georgia. Just 26 miles north of Atlanta, Kennesaw was an ideal location for servicing their growing international customer base.
In 2003, Perry L. Parke, nephew of Thom Maass Jr, joined Microcopy as General Manager. With a strong background in Manufacturing Management and Quality, he quickly became a highly valued asset to the company. Soon afterwards he secured ownership in the company and was made Vice President. Then, in 2008, Thom, Jr. decided to retire and Perry became President of Microcopy.

Microcopy’s model for business is to make high quality products for dentists that could be easily sampled. The philosophy, which continues today, is once dentists try Microcopy products, they would, in turn, buy them.

In addition to the products listed above and our industry-leading NEODIAMOND® product line, Microcopy also supplies NEOBURR®- Award Winning Carbides, NEODRYS® – Parotid Absorbent Pads, GAZELLE® Polishers, and BITE-CHEK®- Articulation Film, and Flaps® – Bite Tabs.

Microcopy produces products that reduce the risk of cross contamination. Our introduction of the NeoDiamond single-patient-use diamonds (SPU) over 26 years ago began a movement that changed the industry to what it is today with a majority of dentists using SPU diamonds. In addition, we were the first to sterilize our carbides and composite polishers. Plus, we developed Bite-Chek articulation film, which eliminates the need of forceps. Microcopy is committed to develop tools dentists need to practice safe dental protocols.