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A clinically-led company, EthOss Regeneration Ltd was founded in 2013 by Dr Peter Fairbairn, a world-renowned practitioner with over 3 decades’ experience placing implants and Dr Paul Harrison, a highly experienced dental product development specialist.

The company was formed with a simple philosophy – “the body wants to heal, let’s work with it”.  By working with the body’s natural healing process it is possible to drastically speed up healing time, improving both clinical outcomes and patient comfort.  Leveraging the extensive experience of the founders, this philosophy guided the company as they developed EthOss® – a unique Guided Bone Regeneration product for use in dental implant surgery.

The company is now focussed on spreading the word of EthOss® through an extensive clinical education programme, with numerous talks and courses planned worldwide throughout 2017 and beyond.  EthOss Regeneration is working with a fast growing number of distribution partners around the world.