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At Cattani, we believe our success comes as a result of a strong focus to two main product lines; suction systems and oil free compressors.

When Bill Clark began working in the dental industry 50 years ago, he took the first step in a journey distinguished by innovation and specialisation. He ensured those fundamental principles were built into the heart of the business when he took on the Cattani Australia dealership in Melbourne in 1987, forging the basis of a continuing success story.

Our people have a genuine passion for and knowledge of the industry, so it is little wonder that Cattani is known for outstanding quality and high performing products. Our suction systems and oil free compressors are used daily in a range of dental applications, from small dental practices to 200+ chair hospitals and universities throughout Australia and the world.

Pam Clark has twice been President of the Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA), the industry’s peak industry organisation representing manufacturers and suppliers of dental products. She is the first woman bestowed with the honour of Life Membership of the ADIA. Bill’s 50 years of work and service in the dental equipment industry have also deservedly been officially honoured and recognised.

These demonstrated achievements have complemented Cattani Australia’s business performance. Allison Clark has absorbed the Cattani values of hard work, focus and specialisation and as managing director, she continues to refine and perfect the Cattani way for the next stage.

The Australian dental equipment sector must adhere to strict requirements and standards, and Cattani is regarded as expert in its field. Indeed, over the journey, our knowledge and feedback has enabled Cattani Spa in Italy to refine, improve and perfect the products for the Australian market. We are known for our willingness to embrace innovation and new technology to ensure we remain at the forefront of our industry.

While our products continue to be the best in the sector, ensuring the Cattani customer experience is the best is also a source of inspiration. We have a well-earned reputation for outstanding customer service, with comprehensive, responsive support from expert technicians who know all there is to know about the equipment. This results in streamlined support backed by vast knowledge. Our sales and technical team has dedicated years of experience to the Cattani name and product range, and is well equipped to support our extensive network of distributors and end users.

Recognised dedication to the industry, specialisation of the product line and a commitment to innovation are hallmarks of Cattani Australia’s journey, from the past, to the present, and into the future.